We are all about getting out into nature and enjoying ourselves while exercising among a great group of people who encourage you all the way. Empowering people through exercise and movement is our passion.

We train in ALL weathers from summer sunshine to winter snow, so always bring along your water plus your sunscreen, sunnies, raincoat, thermals, gloves... you get the picture! 


Amy Bowley

Owner &

Head Honcho


Amy is passionate about helping others live their "BEST LIFE" through exercise, while having a laugh in the process!

Technique and posture are key to Amy's style of training; focusing on building core strength and mobility.

Experience: Level 3 Personal Trainer, Bootcamp Instructor, Indoor Cycling Instructor.

Boxing is her favourite way to exercise and release her inner badass!

Max Cotterell-East

Head Honcho




Max is a level 3 Personal trainer, a running coach, marathon and ultra-runner and a mother of one.


She starts every day with meditation; it’s the last time she will be still or quiet that day. She swears, sings badly, and always has your back.


With a love of functional fitness i.e. does your body do what your mind asks it to do? And driven to promote inclusive fitness whatever barriers society throws at you; we will find a way to get what we want; she is always finding new ways to get individuals ‘lifting heavy sh*t’.  She gets her kicks from watching that beautiful moment when a client’s confidence starts the shift… they get that little grin, then they hit a goal, and you see, you actually see, the pride beaming all over their face.

She. Loves. That. 


I was a member of the local gym for many years however I felt uninspired and unmotivated... I was exercising but did not see any physical change in my body shape.  Training with Amy is a breath of fresh air; she is fun and welcoming and makes everyone feel at ease while pushing you to your limits. The sessions are intense, challenging and upbeat with each day being totally different. 

I would encourage anyone no matter what age or ability to give it a try...one thing I'd say for sure - you will never regret it. You'll make new friends too!

Exercising in a small group with other women I became strong  and most importantly confident and happy.  I was able to see results over 12 weeks without injuring myself and this is only because I had personal attention.  After 12 weeks I lost 5cm's off my hips, 5cm's off my waist and 2cm's off my arms. I lost 9lb's in total and replaced 5lb's of fat with muscle.

I am 42 years old & I have done many group exercise programmes but none have been more focused, fun and inspiring and encouraged me to give it my best.