Physical movement is life changing. Our mission is to help optimise your body at every stage of your life and bring a sense of empowerment to your mind and body, while removing any limiting factors standing between you and physical movement. We are here to support you in harnessing what your body IS capable of, in an inclusive, uplifting, non-judgmental and safe environment.

Exercise is so much more than achieving aesthetics, it is about your quality of life right now and well into your future.

BodyFit was born from a desire to bring safe and effective physical movement to every single body regardless of ability, age or size; and a burning desire to break down limiting barriers that stand in the way of every person feeling empowered in their own body and mind.

Our Tribe Leaders have travelled their own journey which ultimately brought each of us to a life in fitness; collectively experiencing muscular skeletal injury, ME & chronic fatigue, chronic pain, inflammation and rheumatic disease, autoimmune disease, neurological disorder and cancer.

Through our unique experiences we soon realised that there is not a 'one size fits all' approach to physical exercise, that "no pain, no gain" is the most dangerous attitude you could have towards your body, and that the notion we should all be able to perform the same type of movement and should have the same kind of desires have hugely detrimental consequences - both physically and mentally.

We know first hand how it feels to face physical restrictions, and how isolating and limiting that can feel. We also know first hand what incredible lifelong benefits come from safe physical movement, appropriate to our individual bodies, and how that quite literally has changed each of our lives.

These experiences are what unite every Tribe Leader, and what fuels our dedication to continually educate ourselves far beyond the 'standard fitness trainer requirements' enabling us to excel in helping others and bring safe and effective movement to every single person, no matter what.

Each of our Tribe Leaders are experts in their own movement disciplines, so have a read below to find out a bit more about us...

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Amy is passionate about helping others feel AWESOME, both inside and out. Watching her clients realize their ability and unique greatness is what makes her tick.

Technique, posture and optimising mobility are key to Amy's style of training.


After collecting a catalogue of injuries in her twenties (yes, she was one of those "no pain, no gain" idiots!) she embarked on a anatomical journey that would spark her vision to create a high energy, technique focused and inclusive space for functional movement that empowers ALL bodies, safely - all while immersed in our beautiful nature...

BodyFit Tribe was born.

Experience: Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 3 Nutrition Coach, Bootcamp Instructor, Indoor Cycling Instructor.

Boxing is her favourite way to exercise and release her inner badass!

Amy Bowley
Founder & Tribe Leader - Dorset
Instructor Qualifications:
L3 Personal Trainer, L2 Fitness Instructor, Indoor Cycling, Ballet Barre 

Max is a level 3 Personal trainer, a running coach, marathon and ultra-runner and a mother of one.


She starts every day with meditation; it’s the last time she will be still or quiet that day. She swears, sings badly, and always has your back.


With a love of functional fitness and a drive to promote inclusive fitness whatever barriers society throws at us, Max is always finding new ways to get individuals ‘lifting and moving sh*t’. 


She gets her kicks from watching that beautiful moment when a client’s confidence starts the shift… they get that little grin, then they hit a goal, and you see the pride beaming all over their face.

She. Loves. That. 

Max Cotterell-East
Tribe Leader - London
Instructor Qualifications:
L3 Personal Trainer, L2 Fitness Instructor, Running Coach

Emma has always loved dancing, movement and exercise and discovered Reformer  Pilates having undergone hip surgery in 2012. Standard physio helped Emma to a point, but when a friend suggested she try Reformer Pilates it revolutionised her recovery.  Three months of Reformer Pilates later and Emma had made a full recovery and was hooked!  

Feeling empowered and uplifted by safe controlled movement, Emma decided to re-train as a Reformer Pilates Instructor. Wanting to learn from the very best Emma trained with internationally renowned educators STOTT.  


“Being on the reformer is like being a dancer, acrobat and bad ass all in one!” 

Helping others to reap the rewards of this incredible form of exercise is so rewarding and something that underpins Emma’s philosophy on wellness.

Emma Denning
Pilates Reformer Tribe Leader - Dorset
Instructor Qualifications:
Reformer Pilates Instructor, L2 Fitness Instructor, Indoor Cycling

Naomi photo.jpeg

Naomi is a Level 3 Personal Trainer with a desire to make exercise and movement accessible to everybody.

She knows there is a type of movement for everyone and she’s here to help you move in ways that feels good, and maybe even push you to lift heavy stuff you never thought possible.

She LOVES training groups outside in nature, regardless of the elements (of which there are many on the South Coast)!

She thinks she’s hilarious so you might have to put up with some awful attempts at comedy!

In 2019 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and exercised throughout her 18 months of treatment. This fuelled a fire in her to train as a cancer exercise specialist. Her experience of treatment and surgery side effects (long and short term) has made her a pro at adapting exercises for all abilities, conditions and disabilities.

Naomi McMaster
Tribe Leader - Hastings
Instructor Qualifications:
L3 Personal Trainer, L2 Fitness Instructor


I was a member of the local gym for many years however I felt uninspired and unmotivated... I was exercising but did not see any physical change in my body.


Training with Amy is a breath of fresh air; she is fun and welcoming and makes everyone feel at ease. Her classes are challenging and upbeat with each day being totally different. 

I would encourage anyone no matter what age or ability to give it a try...one thing I'd say for sure - you will never regret it. You'll make new friends too!

Exercising in a small group with other women I became strong  and most importantly confident and happy.  I was able to see results over 12 weeks without injuring myself and this is only because I had personal attention.  After 12 weeks I lost 5cm's off my hips, 5cm's off my waist and 2cm's off my arms. I lost 9lb's in total and replaced 5lb's of fat with muscle.

I am 42 years old & I have done many group exercise programmes but none have been more focused, fun and inspiring and encouraged me to give it my best.