Our passion is empowering bodies through movement in nature, no matter your age or ability.

Come along and join our wonderfully supportive, encouraging and inviting community who will immediately make you feel welcome. 

Our BodyFit trainers are highly experienced and will tailor any move to suit your body and capabilities. 

We train in ALL weathers from summer sunshine to winter snow, so always bring along your water plus your sunscreen, sunnies, raincoat, thermals, gloves... you get the picture! 

Our bootcamps are hugely varied with a different style of training each day; barre, core, boxing, circuits, weighted resistance, strength training, cardio resistance training and bodyweight.


Mums & Babies - We encourage mums to bring along their babies and toddlers (just bring along enough toys and snacks to amuse them!) and enjoy making new friends while you train in a safe environment. 

Over 60's - These low impact sessions are perfect for those over 60 or who may be recovering from injury. We focus on functional movement, strength and longevity, in a safe environment and at an enjoyable pace.